The ranking is our subjective assesment and there are many other VPN services on the market. We have picked out and ranked some VPN services, based on

- speed
- security
- function
- other user reviews
- conversion rates


In this website where we compare different providers. We try to cover the most important providers, but we do not have the resources to cover everyone.

To cover the costs of running the site and generate some profit, we receive referral fees from the VPN services on this website.

About Us

ChinaVPNexpert is a web portal that compares and evaluates different VPN providers.

For various reasons VPN has become very popular to use, which means that there are now a number of different VPN providers. This can make it difficult for consumers to choose which programs are the most beneficial. We want to make the process a little easier.

Our goal is to identify VPN services with the fastest speed, security and customer service. Usability is also something we emphasize. All the suppliers we have recommended on this site are very easy to use. Usually the only thing you need to do is to download the program and choose which country you want to connect to.

Price is also a factor, but most VPN services have a relatively similar price. Beacuse of this price is not a particularly prominent factor in our assessment.

The price for one month is around $ 10 for most providers, but if you sign up for 6 months or more, it is possible to achieve significant discounts, up to 75 % off.

It has gradually become a major competition within the VPN industry, which is an advantage for consumers. VPN services are forced to push prices down and offer solid products.

There are a number of VPNs other than those we recommend on this page, and some of these may also be good choices. However, for resource reasons, we have chosen 5 well-known brand names in the industry.

The programs we recommend on this page are all programs you have to pay for. There are also free VPN programs you can use. However, the price of these programs has become so low that we believe that in most cases it would be smart to choose a paid program rather than a free program.

Like all other businesses, we have to cover the cost of running the page, as well as generating profits. Therefore, we receive referral fees when we refer a person from our site to a VPN provider if the person buy a subscription.

We hope you will benefit from this page and wish you good luck in the pursuit of a VPN service.